Events & News

Events & News


On December 14, we will co-host an event, “Crafting a Purpose-Driven Life: Bob and Gregg Vanourek on Life, Work, and Family,” with our friends at the Vail Symposium (registration required), as part of our Purposeful Living Series. Bob and Gregg are father and son, and the event will also have a holiday theme. Join us!

In September, we hosted a virtual event, “Unlock the Power of Purpose,” focused on purposeful living and aging, featuring Richard Leider and Terry Minger. You can access a video recording of that event (registration required; click on the Event Video button at the bottom). This event was co-hosted with our friends at the Vail Symposium.


In November, John Horan-Kates, gave a talk about the Vail Alliance for Purposeful Living to the Vail Rotary Club.

We hosted a RoundTable (small-group dialogue) over a weekend in late October, kicking off a yearlong program of dialogue on purposeful living for a dynamic group in the Vail Valley. Special thanks to our friends at 4 Eagle Ranch for hosting us.

We collaborated with the Vail Symposium on a September virtual event, “Unlock the Power of Purpose.” Click here to see the Vail Symposium web page about this event (including a video recording; registration required).

One of our co-founders, John Horan-Kates, recently gave a talk about the Vail Alliance for Purposeful Living to the Edwards Rotary. Another co-founder, Gregg Vanourek, was a guest on the Learn Speak Teach podcast with Balbert Marketing talking about leadership, life entrepreneurship, purpose, and more. Gregg also talked about purpose, life design, and the Vail Alliance for Purposeful Living on the People Progressing Podcast with Joe White.

In October, Richard Leider (our Purpose Ambassador) spoke at the 2021 Sage-ing International Summit. In September, he spoke at the University of Minnesota Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing and the Hudson Institute of Coaching Author Lecture Series.