Inspiring Purposeful Living

Purposeful living means living with a clear sense of why we’re here. It means approaching our lives intentionally, including combining our gifts, passions, and values into a sense of calling, leading to purposeful action in the world, in service of a greater good.

Alliance programs, both online and in-person, support individuals as they navigate life and work transitions and their self-renewal.

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Alliance events, both online and in-person, address topics related to purposeful living including:

  • Discovering purpose
  • Identifying values and beliefs
  • Creating a vision of your future
  • Building relationships of trust
  • Discovering ways to serve given your strengths and passions

In September, we hosted a virtual event, “Unlock the Power of Purpose,” focused on purposeful living and aging, featuring Richard Leider and Terry Minger. You can access a video recording of that event (registration required; click on the Event Video button at the bottom). This event was co-hosted with our friends at the Vail Symposium.

Stay tuned also for another event in our Purposeful Living Series, with Vail Symposium, to be announced soon. (Target: December.)

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