Leaders Network

Leaders Network

As part of our growing organization, we’ve established a nonprofit membership network. This network is a group of people and organizations seeking to support and stay connected to the world of purposeful leading and living and the principles and practices of our Inside First® framework. Membership contributions help advance our work with individuals, groups, and the community.  Join us as we inspire people to lead purposefully and to navigate life and work transitions.

A public servant RoundTable group led by Tom Moorhead, District Judge

General Benefits

All members, regardless of level, receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted registration fees on programs and events
  • Quarterly eNewsletter
  • Invitations to various Alliance events and programs like our Purposeful Living Series with the Vail Symposium
  • Opportunity to participate in Café Conversations
  • Periodic member Zoom gatherings with authors, scholars, and coaches


Contribution: $100

Introductory membership for those simply interested in staying connected to the Alliance and informed about what’s evolving.


Contribution: $250

Expanded membership for those who want a greater level of involvement, particularly those who have participated in a RoundTable.


Contribution: $500

Advanced membership level for individuals and organizations who desire a more robust involvement and participation in existing programs and new offerings.

Organizational Partnership Levels

In addition to the general membership benefits listed above, organizational partners receive the following benefits:


Contribution: $1,000


Contribution: $2,500


Contribution: $5,000

Eagle River Council Level

A select group of senior community leaders whose purpose is to support the personal transition of individuals into a more purposeful leading and living approach. Members are asked to serve as mentors in a specific RoundTable program for one year or contribute in comparable ways. This group also provides counsel to the Vail Alliance Board of Trustees.
Contribution: $10,000

A CEO RoundTable group led by Raj Manickam

Leadership Network Membership

Interested in becoming a member of the Leadership Network? Fill out the form below to get in contact and learn more.

Please make checks payable to:
P.O. Box 2482, Edwards, CO 81632